Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a complicated matter



Will Trust

Lifetime Trust

Lasting Power Of Attorney – Health & Welfare

Lasting Power Of Attorney – Property & Affairs

Maintaining The Bloodline

Sideways Disinheritance



Would you want certainty in relation to:-

Identifying those you wish to inherit

Naming Guardians for dependants

Special inheritance instructions

Would you like to prevent inheritance loss caused by:-

Marriage or remarriage

Premature death of a beneficiary

Marriage or divorce of a beneficiary

Beneficiary suffering financial hardship

Guaranteed bloodline inheritance

Challenge from an excluded beneficiary


Do you want to prevent the adverse effects of inheritance:-

Prevent against loss of state benefits

Opportunity to prevent generational Inheritance Tax

Meeting / Mitigating Inheritance Tax Liability


Would you like your beneficiaries to access inheritance:-

Instant access to inheritance

Reduced / eliminated probate costs


Do you want a trusted person to take over your affairs:-

Able to take over your financial affairs:-

Able to make decisions about your medical care

Take over immediately

Take over without the cost of deputyship