thR9LB7D9KMitigating Probate Costs

It may be possible to reduce the cost of Probate if some initial estate planning is done with the help of your Barrister Intermediary. One of the ways in which this is possible to achieve is by making use of Trusts. When assets are placed into Trusts, they are placed outside of an estate and are controlled by the trustees. This means that they can be disposed of without requiring Probate. It is also possible to place other assets such as property into Trusts, and therefore mitigating the need for Probate and also taking them out of the estate for Inheritance Tax purposes.

Handling Probate

Dealing with the estate of someone who has died can be a real challenge. Some will instruct a professional to complete the whole process for them whilst others will do it themselves. As with everything, we at the Legal Services Guild believe that our job is to make sure you have the relevant information required to make an informed choice. Free and without obligation, a Barrister Intermediary will help you to work out what will be involved, how much work will be required and how long probate is likely to take. You can then decide whether to do it yourself with the assistance of a free step by step guide, receive some assistance with the more complex areas or, have a legal services partner do it all for you.